Monday, May 6, 2013
Hong Lee Kian is officially a medical doctor!

We wrote about Hong Lee Kian early last year. We are now overjoyed and proud that from now on we would need to address the same person properly as Dr. Hong Lee Kian. Yes, Dr. Hong passed her final year professional examination as a medical doctor graduating with an MBBS degree on 18 April 2013. Thanks to you, the generous Trustees, the financial aid had kept Dr. Hong from worrying much about the cost of her tuition fees, and instead helped her to concentrate on her study. Join us to congratulate her on this great accomplishment!

We were informed that Dr. Hong would start her post-graduation life by following a houseman doctor and adapting to doctor's activity in a general hospital. She expressed her gratitude and apology for not being able to update the Trustees extensively as she might get busy during this program. In addition, she promised that she would reciprocate the Trustees' kindness by helping others and serving humanity through her profession.

Indeed, Kendall Court wish her a fruitful journey ahead and may her service be helpful to the community.

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