Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Students under Kendall Court Trust Fund Malaysia
Hong Lee Kian 
Having studied in Russia for 4 years, Lee Kian's family encountered financial difficulties and she was forced to discontinue her studies. Post her return to Malaysia, she worked multiple menial jobs to help support her family, and was languishing for 2 whole years before a private university finally accepted her. Prior applications to all publicly funded universities were rejected on the ground that she was midway through her medical course. This was despite approval from the Director of Health agreeing that she could transfer half of her previous credits. After much perseverance, Lee Kian successfuly secured a placing in not one, but two different private private medical universities, allowing her an opportunity to pursue her passion in medicine, and helping the sick and ailing in society. Her final hurdle towards fulfilling that lifelong dream was funding. Seeing her plight and dauntless attitude, the Fund decided to approve her application to fund her final 3 years of medical studies, costing in excess of RM150,000. The Fund has watched Lee Kian blossom and she is now well on her way to graduating in 2013, and attaining her childhood dream of being a Medical Doctor at the Royal College of Medicine, Perak. 

Subashini was another candidate who had to postpone the completion of her studies due to unforeseen circumstances. Being a more than deserving student, the Fund grantes her application for financial assistance and Subashini has since graduated from medical school and is midway through her housemanship. Incidentally, she is currently mentoring Hong Lee Kian. All stakeholders of the Fund look forward to seeing more achievements from both deserving doctors-to-be.

Noor Haslinda Bte Sharuddin
Noor Haslinda is a civil servant who completed 3 years of law at Universiti Malaya. She was forced to stop due to grinding poverty, and worked hard as a civil servant in order to allow her younger siblings a chance to study,and hopefully an opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle in the future. Now that all her siblings have graduted, she rekindled the drive and determination to pursue her passion in law, successfully gaining entry to Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam. Seeing her selfless sacrifices and heart-warming desire for further education, the Fund stepped forth to support her educational expenses and she is now expected to graduate from law school in 2014/25. 

Muhammad Bakhit
Muhammad Bakhit has just commenced his Diploma of Business Studies at Kolej Unikop. His father passed away when he was young and his mother has since re-married. Post the unfortunate demise of his father. Muhammad Bakhit stayed with his relative in Serting, Kuala Pilah due to the financial difficulties at home. He struggled between holding down a part time job and juggling the demands of on-going classes. Succumbing to the backbreaking challenges of school and work, he dropped out of school in Form 2 and Form 3, and only resumed his studies in Form 4 and Form 5. Despite lacking a PMR/SPR certificate, he did reasonably well in the SPM examinations, netting 1A, 5B's and 3C's. The Fund is glad to have the honour to fund his 2 and a half years of tertiary education, hopefully giving him a chance at a better life ahead.
Chey Shaw Kuan
Chey Shaw Kuan, a candidate from Seremban is currently pursuing a Diploma in Multimedia Design at Tunku Abdul Rahman College. With both parents deceased, Shaw Kuan's main caregiver was originally her step sister. The latter forced her to assist in her business as a semstress, and attempted to deny Shaw Kuan the opportunity to study. As a consequence of the abuse and mistreatment, she became very withdrawn and lost her self confidence. The Fund decided to take charge of her future, and turned the situation around when it agreed to sponsor her tuition fees. It was recently learnt that Shaw Kuan managed to pass all her examinations, and she is now in her Second year (Semester 3), well on track to her dream career.

Chong Han Hui
Han Hui is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Food Science (Food Service & Nutrition) at the Universiti Malaysia of Trengganu. During his first semester, he achieved outstanding results and was admitted to the Dean's list. Han Hui is an orphan and was originally supported by his caretaker. Most unfortunately, his caretaker had fallen ill and no longer has the economic wherewithal to take care of his living expenses. The Fund has agreed to step in to bridge the gap until a sponsor is found to support Han Hui's living expenses. We believe that worthy candidates like Han Hui would likely copiously propagate and espouse the goodwill shown to him in later years, creating a much larger social impact on the emerging Asian diaspora than we can possibly foresee.
Until later!
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