Friday, October 11, 2013
Update on the Fund as of June 2013
Hello and good day to you all.
We are happy to share with you some of the latest information regarding Kendall Court Trust Fund - all of which are up to Jun 2013 - as follows:
  1. In Malaysia, thanks to all donors, Kendall Court Trust Fund has managed to collect a total donation of MYR158 thousands (or close to USD50,000 using today's rate). Out of this sum, a total amount of MYR119 thousands (around 75% of total donation) have been spent to support 6 (six) students to study in various universities in Malaysia.
  2. In Indonesia, in which we set up a separate foundation entity called "Yayasan Pendidikan Kendall Court" (in English: Kendall Court Education Foundation), a number of generous donors have contributed to a total sum of IDR258.3 million (approximately equivalent to USD22,500 in today's rate). We have utilised IDR101.4 million out of the total donation to help pay school tuition fees of 7 (seven) students of ranging from elementary schools to senior high schools in Indonesia.
As we mentioned in the cover page, all payments went directly to the corresponding schools and/or universities to ensure that none of the donation goes to the wrong hands. We will keep posting updates about the students as well, so you -both donors and hopefully-soon-to-be donors- would be able to get sense on how your donation help bring brighter future to the youngsters of these countries.

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