Kendall Court started in 2004. We started with assets under management of US$35 million. The three founding partners were the only employees of the firm. As the business grew, at its peak Kendall Court managed over US$285 million in general partner, limited partner, and co-investor capital commitments.

Kendall Court manages 2 mezzanine funds, focused in investing in Southeast Asia. The first fund, Kendall Court Mezzanine (Asia) Fund I, LP, is vintage 2005. The second fund, Kendall Court Mezzanine (Asia) Bristol Merit Fund, LP, is vintage 2008. Both funds are closed-end, ten-year limited partnerships and are currently near the end of their term limits.

Kendall Court focuses its activities in the private equity space. We are a long-term investor and our capital is privately sourced. Our 2 existing funds focus on the mezzanine space within private equity. However, mezzanine serves only as a tool for us in investing. We are a growth capital provider, first and foremost. In line with our drive, our ultimate and primary purpose in investing is to contribute to the development and betterment of society, within our circle of influence.

We believe that capital, when employed wisely through business, plays an instrumental role (if not the most instrumental in certain cases) in developing people, markets and economies. A rising tide lifts all boats, and the tide is raised by capital. Our capital has to be sustainable, however. And that means that we will always still be engaged in the profit motive because Kendall Court and our investors need to be sustained through our profits. To sum up, we borrow a line from Paul Krugman, the 2008 Nobel laureate in Economics, who states,“ You could say - and I would - that globalization, driven not by human goodness but by the profit motive, has done far more good for far more people than all the foreign aid and soft loans ever provided by well-intentioned governments and international agencies.”