1. What is the goal of Kendall Court?

Our goal is to become a premier investment partnership. To achieve that goal, we need to consistently deliver superior risk adjusted returns to our investors.

2. How do we achieve our goal?

We achieve our goal through sustainable investing. We create sustainability through focusing on 3 pillars. The first is human capital. The second is our disciplined focus on bottoms-up fundamental analysis. The third is our holistic achievement of all our stakeholders' needs. By constantly striving to elevate the quality of our pillars, sustainability is created.

3. Why do we do what we do?

The journey of Kendall Court has been a true evolution.

We started with a basic purpose of maximizing wealth, both for our investors and ourselves. However, as the journey continues, we find ourselves also connecting to a higher purpose - a higher purpose that resonates with our own personal values.

This higher purpose has to do with service. It is the realization that even in business, we need service to be the primary driver of our actions. Our higher purpose, therefore, is about using our significant investment platform to service the people, markets and economies in our targeted geographies. Our higher purpose, which becomes the ultimate purpose of Kendall Court, is to provide some element of development and betterment in the lives of the people whom our capital would have touched.

Our drive is best summarized in the vision statement of Kendall Court, as follows:

“To uplift the human conscience through business by becoming the premier investment partnership focused on achieving superior risk adjusted returns and investing its capital to develop people, markets and economies in accordance with the highest standards of ethical accountability.”


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