Giving Hope to Orphans Through Education

In early 2010, Kendall Court decided to set up a Trust Fund. In line with our first pillar on sustainability through developing human capital, we decided to focus on education specifically for underprivileged children. We started small with only US$50,000 seeded by the partners of Kendall Court. However, it didn't take us long to recognize that there was an irony. The irony, we soon learned, is that the privilege stemming from our Trust Fund activities feels to be accruing more to us. Thus, this symbiotic mutuality turns out to be one of the great beauties and joys of giving something back.


Arming underprivileged children with a respectable education.


1. To give orphans in Malaysia and Indonesia a chance to access respectable     education thereby developing their human capital.

2. To end the cycle of poverty and promote economic empowerment.

Our Values

Integrity. Trust, trust and trust. From all levels, we trust and we are trusted.

Giving. In giving, we give our all with love, resolve and faith in our vision and mission.

The Children

  • Will be directed at students (from primary to university), selected based on the criterion of greatest need-and-prospect ratio, i.e. those that need it the most and can show greatest chance of success. Kendall Court will identify and work with selected orphanages and schools.
  • Twice a year, newsletters will be distributed informing members of the activities and progress of the sponsored students. Blogs will also be set up informing members of events. Members will receive a photo of the child, and information on their background and progress at school.
  • With an average cost of tuition per student at US$400 - US$2,000 p.a. (primary to university) in Malaysia and in Indonesia, the Trust Fund is targeted to raise an additional US$250,000 whereby approximately 100 students can be sponsored, beginning with 20 students in 2010.

Select Information on the Trust Fund

  • The Trust Fund will be dedicated to sponsoring orphans in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • It aims to work with select orphanages to identify children who have a strong passion for learning.
  • The Trust Fund will have memberships offered to donors to connect directly with the selected students.
  • All donations will strictly be for payment of fees, school supplies and other school related expenses. No discretionary spending is allowed. All donations made will go directly to the schools, to the extent possible.
  • No administration fees/charges will be levied; all work will be done pro bono by Kendall Court.
  • Tax deductibility will be available where applicable.
  • Kendall Court will target members from its network of friends, families and business partners.
  • Additional trustees from the legal and accounting profession will oversee the Trust Fund. For Malaysia, this will consist of not less than 5 reputed individuals from diverse professional backgrounds. For Indonesia, we have established a foundation to enable our Trust Fund to operate domestically.
  • An annual audited financial statement of the Trust Fund will be provided to donor stakeholders.
  • For Malaysia: Yee Choon Kong & Co will serve as auditor, while Richard Wee & Yip will serve as legal counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the money I donate be used for non-educational purposes?
    No. The money goes directly to the schools, to the extent possible, or to the orphanages to be passed to the schools with proper receipt from the schools. All donations will strictly be for payment of fees, school supplies and other school related expenses.
  • How much does a year of education cost in Malaysia and Indonesia?
    A child can be educated for a year for US$1,000 - US$2,000 per year in a local tertiary institution depending on course of study. For primary - secondary it can range between US$400 - US$600 per year per child.
  • Can I correspond with the sponsored students?
    Absolutely! Depending on the child's age and English language skill, correspondence is a great way to know you are significantly impacting a future generation of Malaysians and Indonesians. Gifts, cards or drawings can either be mailed or given to members when they are traveling to Malaysia or Indonesia.


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